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Sauro Maule SGASS Pet Nat

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Tagline: First pop” of spring

Grapes: Graganega, Durella

Winery: Il Cavallino di Sauro Maule

Region: Veneto, Italy

Soil: Volcanic

Vintage: 2021

Fermentation: Spontaneous, secondary fermentation from grape must.


Sauro Maules approach to wine is founded in his rich agricultural background. After taking over his familys farm in 2010, Sauro set out to transition the family business from raising cattle to grape cultivation and vinification. Our second release from Sauro, he is a master at pairing a deep-rooted agrarian understanding with a level of execution that makes his wines sing with energy and expression.


Tasting Notes: Superbloom, flowers, poofy clouds, saline, marjoram, first of the season, citrus sorbet, palate cleanser, atmospheric, all-day.

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